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The Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler comes with a vial of 100% essential oil.  When you are ready to use it simply use the included pipette to fill the inhaler with the included oil, insert into your nose, and start pur-air-fying the air you breathe!

What You Need to Know About Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is sweet, fresh, and fruity smelling.

  • Alleviate tension and stress
  • Fight fatigue
  • Boost mental clarity
  • Aid in digestive health


What's in the box

Each Pur-Air-Fy Essential Oil Inhaler comes with:

  • Intranasal Inhaler
  • Vial of 100% pure essential oil
  • Pipette for filling
  • Disinfectant wipes for cleaning

Quality Materials

Each inhaler is made of a BPA free product that, in addition to be 100% recyclable, does not break down chemical makeup of the oils. Some plastics will alter the chemical makeup of the oils and pure essential oils can corrode and deteriorate certain plastics. Each Pur-Air-Fy Inhaler is made of polycarbonate resin which does not break down like other plastics; however, “all good things must come to an end” and this will as well. WE DON’T ENCOURAGE USING THE PRODUCT FOR MORE THAN SIX (6) MONTHS. This is primarily for health purposes. This product causes nasal leakage which will get in places that cannot be cleaned. This can lead to sickness, infections or other issues so please recycle that inhaler and we’ll have another one ready to ship to you.

Our Mission

To provide a superior wearable inhaler that emits therapeutic grade essential oil vapors, from plants found and grown naturally, most anyone in the world can use, in order to help users combat symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and other common ailments, in a 100% all natural and therapeutic way.

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