About Us

My name is Nathan Prather, and I am the creator of Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhalers.  For as long as I can remember I have suffered with allergies and sinus congestion.  Like most who suffer with these ailments, I missed out on doing fun things as I usually treated the symptoms of those issues with medicines that made me fatigued/drowsy and combined with running nose, watering eyes, and all that other good stuff, I just felt downright miserable.  A friend of mine suggested that I try homeopathic aromatherapy, essential oils, so I did, and it has literarily changed my life. 

I had heard of essential oils and thought that it was primarily hype but after rubbing a combination of orange and lavender on my palms, then cupping them over my nose and inhaling deeply, I was hooked.  I went and bought four diffusers, one for every room that I spent a good amount of time in, thinking that I would have that first sensation all the time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t.  They became more of an air freshener than anything else and that’s not what I was after. I knew that I needed something that emitted the concentrated fragrances directly into my sinuses.  It had to be safe, comfortable, light weight, strong, flexible, hands free, and of course very gentle to the nose as it’s a tender area.  Voilà the Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler was created.  It’s a mouthful, I know, but to me, it’s the best way to describe what Pur-Air-Fy is. 

For those who know me best, I am a perfectionist to say the least.  With the high standards I have, I revised Pur-Air-Fy eighteen times to arrive at the final version provided to you today.  Pur-Air-Fy delivers to everyone exactly what I felt my first time using essential oils, 100% all-natural relief of all sorts of symptoms associated with life.  Along my journey over the last five years, I have realized that inhaling the different oils has assisted with not only allergies and sinus congestion but stress, anxiety, fatigue, clarity and overall providing me a better outlook on life, mentally.  I know that sounds crazy, but an orange and lavender blend is still my favorite Pur-Air-Fy today!!  If I feel anxiety coming on, normally before I fly, I pop Pur-Air-Fy in and within minutes, I feel more relaxed, less anxious and the ability to regain focus.  Of course, I use others for various reasons, Thieves oil for headaches, Peppermint for 30 minutes in the morning clears my sinuses for pretty much the whole day which is possibly the best feature of Pur-Air-Fy.  Most if not all oils can be used with Pur-Air-Fy, given the patent pending design, the oil never comes into contact with your skin so there is little to no skin irritation while using hot oils such as Peppermint, Cinnamon, Basil, Eucalyptus, Oregano…etc.   Several studies have shown that inhaling certain essential oils will affect your overall cognitive behavior for the better.  The oils we use at Pur-Air-Fy are only the best on the market today but if you have your favorites, I want you to use them as well which is why we have the Fill Your Own option.

In closing, I was not an essential oils user and probably wouldn’t be today without Pur-Air-Fy. I am now a huge advocate for aromatherapy as it allows me to continue my life without the side effects that medicines caused.  I am able to enjoy the health benefits while performing everyday activities because of Pur-Air-Fy and if you are someone who struggles with similar ailments, I strongly encourage you to try one today. 

Pur-Air-Fy the Air You Breathe and Start Healing Through Respiration TODAY!!