Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler

The Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler's patent pending design delivers vapors from essential oils directly to your limbic system creating the best experience with no risk of skin irritation.

How does it work?

The Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler is made from a polycarbonate styrene plastic resin and consists of 2 wicks, 2 pods, and an arch. The wicks serve two purposes, first, to filter out toxins, contaminates, pollutants or any other unpleasantries of the outside air and second, to hold the concentrated essential oil(s), or any other inhalant(s) - medical or nonmedical - gradually releasing vapors into the consumers nasal cavity. Each pod will have ventilation holes located at the top and bottom in order to provide superior filtration and ventilation, granting outside air to flow around and through the device to lessen the concentration of the oil(s)/medicines in the user’s nasal cavity. The pods are bridged together by a flexible polycarbonate plastic center piece (the arch) that is malleable enough for each consumer to fit the device comfortably hugging their septum and positioning each pod ergonomically into each nostril.

The Pur-Air-Fy Intranasal Inhaler safely emits the vapors for your favorite types of oil which are absorbed naturally in the nasal passages while the consumer simply breathes.

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The Science Behind It

Essential oils, when inhaled through the nostrils, are absorbed immediately into the olfactory nerve, then to the brain which impacts the amygdala, a part of the limbic system that coordinates with the user’s neural network and functions in regulating anxiety, aggression, fear conditioning, emotional memory, and social cognition.

Inhalation is the purest and most direct way for the body to absorb Essential oils. A Pur-Air-Fy Intransal Inhaler is the only product in aromatherapy today that gives each consumer, virtually of any age, the ability to breathe in concentrated Essential oils the most natural way known, respiration. The patent pending design of each Pur-Air-Fy inhaler allows oil vapors and air to mix in the user’s nasal cavity which is absorbed immediately by your limbic system which supports functions such as behavior, long-term memory and emotion. Essential Oils alone have been reported to assist with Nausea, Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression. Join billions around the World and start pur-air-fying the air you breathe today with Pur-Air-Fy Intransal Inhalers.

  • USA Made

  • Recyclable

  • Refillable

  • Long Lasting

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